Ms. Danyl Patterson Esq.
PA House District 190 State Representative


About Danyl

Attorney Danyl Patterson has been fighting for our community through her actions in legal representation and mentoring the very community she was raised in: West Philadelphia.

Attorney Patterson understood the importance of keeping her roots here in the 190th District so that the legacy started by her beloved parents would flourish in pride. Many of the issues Attorney Danyl Patterson holds dear are testaments to the leader she is and the woman we can trust. Over the past 10 years, what the 190th has been without is someone who can unite and bring back the resources our community has gone without. What we deserve is someone who will do better for us! Our choice and trust is in Attorney Danyl Patterson.

As a businesswoman with 20 years of professional legal service experience, Danyl knows the importance of hard work and putting people first. In the Legislature, we can count on Danyl to fight for policies that keep our families together, put Philadelphians back to work, and create more opportunities for all of us.